Show Me the Money Part II: NO College $$ Saved?

We have great plans when our children are born don’t we? We have a list of ways we are going to prepare them to take on the world! Saving for college is generally at the top of that list. In taking care of household necessities and life stuff throughout the years, maybe it just wasn’t feasible. You look up and your baby is in high school and there’s no money saved! Yikes! Pick your head up; it’s not the end of the world. Here are some strategies you can act on now.

Your student’s assignment in Part I was to research various colleges’ tuition, discounts and payment arrangements available. You can use this calculator from to estimate the amount your student may receive in financial aid. Let’s use all of this information to move forward.

What Can You Contribute?

Look at your family budget and ask yourself if you can afford to begin setting aside any money now. Even if it’s only $100 per month to start, it’s helpful. If your child is a high school freshman, you could still …. (More)



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